Brass Editions offers you the possibility to engrave your handwritten sheet music. We can transform them into good looking digital scores and parts. We are using Sibelius for the most careful translation of your scores. You can send your music as a scanned document or eventually you can send a copy of it with the post (ask for the address in the Netherlands). This service is meant for brass players but also for the entire brass- ensemble and wind band community.

Contact us for a proposal/offer:

Following prices are an indication:

Start price

€ 17,50

Price p/h

€ 35

Separate parts from score as source


€ 0,20 per bar
€ 0,30 per bar


2-4 voices
4-8 voices

8-12 voices

12-16 voices

16–20 voices
20 or more

€ 0,60 per bar
€ 0,80 per bar
€ 1,00 per bar
€ 1,20 per bar

€ 1,40 per bar

€ 1,75 per bar

Finishing individual parts (lay-out)

€ 2,50 per part

Soloparts with pianoaccompaniment

€ 0,75 per bar