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My background is composing for theatre. Because of that, I have always physical images in my mind as a starting point for my pieces. I work at the Performing Arts Department at University of Brasilia, Brazil. Besides music for stage, I’ve composed three orchestral suites: Heliodorian Suite (2015), Esplanada (2017), Kandinskyanas (2019-2020).

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A Distant Call

Price €10.00

A Distant Call is a duet work for trombone and piano. It is based on memories of the composer of being alone in a hotel in Carmel, ...

Eixão e Chuva | A Raining Day

Price €14.00

Eixão e Chuva means raining at the Capital main road. It is based on the real collapse of part of the central via of the Center Area of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, in the middle of the day ...