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Vladimir Ladomirov. Born in 1993 in Mariupol (Ukraine). In 2014 graduated from the Khabarovsk Regional College of Art (piano class). In 2019 graduated from Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory as a compositor. He was awarded in the Third Open Far East Competition for Young Composers Y. Y. Vladimirov and Choir Laboratory of the XXI century in St. Petersburg, and became the finalist of the International Sergei Slonimsky Composition Competition. Ladomirov's music was performed by the GAMEnsemble, the St. Petersburg MolOtensemble and the MCME.

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The inspiration for the composition “Gelio” was the life cycle of the sun: birth (Creation), maturity (Zenith) and death (Red giant).

For trumpet, trombone and piano